Operation Archimedes

The Flood and Cyclone Rebuilding Project for Science in Schools

 Schools in the flood and cyclone affected areas are desperately trying to replace the science and laboratory equipment, infrastructure and consumables lost in the disasters. Government allowances and funding only help with the basics. Much more help is needed to ensure science continues to be taught in properly equipped laboratories and classrooms to give students a stimulating experience that will continue to promote their interest in science.

 What can the Science Industry do to help?

  •        Donate equipment that is obsolete, traded-in or otherwise  not used or needed any longer
  •        Supply expired reagents and consumables that are still working  
  •        Anything else you can think of (grants, scholarships, tours, etc)

 First Step

Contact Greg Young (greg.raymond.young@gmail.com or 0423021442) with your offer of assistance

In the initial recovery effort, your organisation  will be partnered with an individual school or regional science coordinator.

The aim of the program is to use items that are end of line, obsolete or underutilized, be cleaned up and given new life. 

The program to date, has seen old centrifuges, water baths, microscopes, pipettes and PCR machines introduce new practices such as forensics or tissue culture into the curriculum of adopted schools.  We have been working with the science teachers and technical staff to plug the gaps in resources, reagents and training.  We can find complementary donations to make a full kit should you only have part of the kit.

Freight:  We have received generous support from freight companies to ship your donated items, should your organization be unable to cover freight costs.  Contact Greg Young should you require this service.

Invest your knowledge

Once the initial crisis has been addressed the aim is to establish an on-going program that will coordinate donations and allow industry to share advice on how to meet a learning objective with their knowledge.