Technology Export Manufacturing Group

An Introduction

After considerable industry consultation the Victorian Government launched their Strategic Plan for the Victorian Medical and Scientific Equipment Industry in June 2002. The Government's stated aim is to create a vibrant, integrated, export-driven medical and scientific equipment cluster, globally recognised for its innovation and excellence.

The initiatives outlined in the plan have two aims- to springboard the medical and scientific equipment industry into international markets, and to remove or diminish obstacles that are limiting the industry's growth. The initiatives are grouped under five headings:

  • connecting - government, industry and markets
  • growing - global export markets
  • evolving - products, manufacturing and business
  • developing - people, skills and training
  • leading - opinion, advocacy and support

The success of the plan is dependent on the Victorian Government and the two industry sectors (Medical and Scientific Equipment) working in partnership. Science Industry Australia Inc. has been selected and contracted by the Victorian Government to help implement the plan for the Scientific Products sector.

Science Industry Australia has established an office in Melbourne staffed by an  experienced industry professional to facilitate the research and development and subsequent manufacture and export of scientific products in Victoria as well as nurturing the Victorian market for scientific products in general, thus providing local researchers and lab professionals with the very best technology available to develop their science. This activity encompassing, local R & D, Manufacture, exports etc plus the nurturing of the Victorian scientific products industry is broadly referred to as the SIA V initiative.

Formation and Launch of the TEM Group

Both the SIA and the Victorian Government are actively engaged with and support for the Group. Involvement with the TEM Group will provide participating companies the ability to explore business and technology opportunities with technology developers, researchers and companies with like interests to their own. In addition, the Group is a focused forum of senior managers of the scientific equipment industry, including education and research institutions, for discussion of matters of common interest including exporting and a single powerful voice to Government.

In short the TEM Group aims to help business grow and promote the development of the scientific equipment industry in Australia.